About Brandon

About me: this blog is all about personal growth and self development. I imagine that you were here because you were interested in improving yourself or simply picking up some life hacks. My name is Brandon Branson and whatever the case may be you are in the right place. I even made my course  and purpose of study has been to learn as much as I can about, not only myself, but the people around me. The number one skill of all successful people is people skills.

In this blog you can expect to find information on some of the professional motivational speakers out there as well as books and audio tapes that I’ve listen to that have provided me great wisdom.

Consider it yoga for the mind. If you want to be strong mentally you have to practice. I may even be able to include some practical examples of exercises you can do to improve your mental stamina.

I truly believe that what it comes down to is a horse and rider concept. We are the rider, and our emotions are the horse. We have to learn how to control them and understand them so that we know how to behave with them. To make it a little more clear just think of it as a bit of mental judo.