Huge Shout Out: Just a way to say thanks

Give Credit Where it’s due.

First let me start by saying that I want to give a huge shout out (look up the meaning if you need to ;-)) to Paul Clukey at

Without his help I would not have been able to put together this blog. He came right along side of me and showed me exactly what to do.

Seriously (heart full of thanks) he showed me everything that I needed to know in order to set up my blog. He helped me get the categories set up. He made sure that I knew to make myself a set of pages that would cover things like disclaimers, about me and create a way that people could get a hold of me if they need to reach out.


He made it super simple and suggested that he usually uses this format when he is trying to create a site. I do have to admit that it was a little tricky getting the Domain name server setup. It just sounded like a really big word and it made me a little confused. I felt a little overwhelmed with the idea of trying to understand what the difference was between a registrar and the hosting company.

But he made it super simple. He told me he was basically like I bought an RV over at the store. The RV can be moved to any place to park it at I want. However… It is understood that most places are going to charge you something to have it there. Some RV sales centers even have a place to park your RV out back on their “hosting” parking lot where you can stay for as long as you want. It is the same with a registrar and a hosting company. Registrars can be the hosting company itself, but it doesn’t have to be. You can move your domain name to any hosting place you want. That is your right because you own the name.

Once he explained this to me it made sense. So, all I needed to do was buy the domain name. Then, look for a place to host it. I think I have it hosted on name cheap .com.

I had never heard of that before but he told me it was pretty reliable. He said he never had any problems with it and he heard about it from a guy that taught him a bunch of ninja tricks in online marketing.

So anyways, that’s it. If you need any help setting up your stuff, I highly recommend him. He’s super friendly and easy to work with.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. If you were looking for a way to easily write your blog I highly recommend that you consider using some kind of dictation system. It is really easy to dictate all the text that you need and then edit it. This makes everything go a lot faster. Today’s voice recognition is out of this world. Now really anyone can have their own blog. If I can do it so can you. 🙂