The Root of All Happiness

How to get happy.

Do you ever stop for a moment to think about what you’re actually thinking about?

I recently came across some information that blew my mind. It was a speaker who became a Buddhist monk. He said that he wasn’t happy with the status quo and decided that he wanted to get centered. So he did what so many of us have thought about. He basically packed for the Himalayas and learned how to be a monk spending tons of time meditating every day.

What he learned was that the first step is actually noticing your thoughts.

A well-known hypnotist Paul McKenna uses this methodology and helps his patients understand where their minds are.

paul mckenna

He sets the  stage sometimes by saying close your eyes and think of nothing and then think of a stage in front of you… on that stage, it is all dark. Now imagine that the curtains pulled back what do you see?  Somehow he believes that this is our mind’s way or our subconscious’ way of communicating with our thoughts or the “lucid” us.

He also explains that most people, according to scientists, spend 48% of their time thinking about something other than their present moment.

He explained that it is amazing to think that all of us spend almost half of our time/lives not being present in the moment to what we are doing.

So, one of the ways to get present and consequently also to meditate is to begin to think about what is happening right now.

Stop for a moment and ask these questions. What am I thinking about? Observe as thoughts come in and flow out of your mind. Think about what you are thinking about and simply notice what you’re noticing.

What does your body currently feel like? Are you fatigued or do you feel strong?
What are your emotions?

Do you feel afraid? Are you sad? Do you feel happy? The key is simply to notice what is going on with you right now as if you were standing outside of your body looking down on yourself and observing what is going on.

If you imagine for a moment that the thoughts that are occurring in your mind are simply just thoughts and you don’t have to pay any attention to them, Then, you can become aware of your presence. If you simply observe the emotions without letting them over take you, then once again you’ll be present to your emotions.

The more you do this and the more you practice it the more you will understand what it takes to be present with yourself and with people around you.

The key to meditating is allowing all of those thoughts to simmer down. You start out by noticing all of the thoughts; then, it’s sort of like the thoughts notice you noticing them. You then become mindful of the fact that you can’t seem to quite shut off your brain to all of the thoughts. This is the crossroads point where your mind begins to slow down.

So proper meditating is not just an emotional experience nor is it strictly a cognitive experience. It is an experience that should transcend all of those things.

Now it is time for me to simply notice what I am thinking about and what I am doing.

How’s it going?

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